SHEA REDDING: Shea’s Redding division operates aggregate, asphalt, and ready-mix plants in California and Oregon, and conducts construction operations in Northern California. The division began in 1956, expanding in 1984 with the acquisition of Aggregate Products, in 1996 with the acquisition of Fawndale Rock and Asphalt, and again in 2003 when it acquired a ready-mix operation in Southern Oregon.  Redding’s main construction focus has been on highways, bridges, paving, and earthwork. The company has developed a reputation for being fast and mobile, ready to repair and restore highways after landslides and other unforeseen incidents. Aggregate operations are mostly located along the I-5 corridor between Redding and Medford—strategically located to service the 150-mile stretch of the main California north/south corridor.

SHEA PENNSYLVANIA: Shea’s Pennsylvania Highway and Bridge Division has been connecting big cities and small communities alike throughout the state for decades. In conjunction with the state’s transportation department (PennDOT), turnpike commission, and local municipalities, Shea has been constructing some of the most challenging bridge and highway projects in the nation under accelerated schedule requirements. The wide variety of projects span rivers, streams, highways, steel mills, and railroads. By applying innovative engineering solutions and aggressive project management techniques, Shea has been able to rebuild and repair the state’s infrastructure while limiting inconvenience to the traveling public and local businesses.